Kyiv, st. Vasylkivska, 45 Kryukivschyna, st. Y. Mudroho, 51 (3rd floor)

Modern Urology and Oncourology in Kyiv UA

The greatest achievements in Urology and Urologic Oncology are available in Ukraine today.

Consultations, diagnostics and treatment are carried out by leading doctors of Ukraine.

Surgeons are doctors of medical sciences, PhD
Authors of 35 patents in urology
Modern medical center
in Kyiv’s suburb
Minimally invasive surgery
Oncourology and oncosurgery
  • prostate cancer;

  • kidney cancer;

  • bladder cancer;

  • cancer of the ureter;

  • penile cancer;

  • testicular cancer

Plastic and reconstructive urology
  • Ileoneocystoplasty - a new method of forming a new bladder from the small intestine;

  • Intestinoplasty is an original method of replacing the ureter with a segment of the small intestine

Minimally invasive methods of treatment
  • endoscopic methods of diagnosis and treatment (transurethral resection (TUR) of prostate adenoma, bladder tumors;

  • laparoscopic operations through small incisions.

Modern methods of diagnosing tumors
  • flexible video cystoscopy and ureteronephroscopy in NBI mode (in "blue light");

  • transrectal and perineal biopsy of the prostate under ultrasound control;

  • ultrasound, biopsy, cystoscopy, uterotroscopy, etc

Modern diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant tumors, developmental anomalies and traumatic injuries

  • kidney and ureter

  • bladder

  • prostate gland (prostate)

  • other organs of the genitourinary and urinary system

Prof. Stakhovsky Eduard, MD, oncourologist

The most complex operations in urology are performed in our medical center:

  • reconstructive

  • plastic

  • restorative

  • organ replacement

You can make an appointment with a urologist, oncologist in Kyiv (Vasylkivska St. 45) by calling:

+38 (099) 412 55 95
+38 (073) 465 55 95
+38 (096) 643 55 95

Make an appointment

or send us e-mail with your contacts at and we will recall you

Our doctors speak English.

”A low bow to all the staff of the Center of Modern Urology. How good that you are staying to work in Ukraine at such a difficult time.”

- Lyudmila Polischuk -

Cherkasy city

Doctors are leading specialists of Ukraine

  • leading urologists and oncourologists of Ukraine;

  • doctors and candidates of medical sciences;

  • have the biggest experience in Ukraine in the treatment of adenoma and prostate cancer, kidney neoplasms and bladder tumors;

  • experienced anesthesiologists-reanimatologists;

  • authors of 35 patents in urology.

Doctors of the Center of Modern Urolog"

  • founders and scientific leaders of the Union of Oncologists of Ukraine

  • members of the European Association of Urologists (European Association of Urology)

  • members of the International Society of Urologists (Societe Internationale d'Urologie) and other urological societies

  • represent the country at international urological conferences.

  • moderate at conferences and seminars, and conduct master classes on surgery for Ukrainian colleagues in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.

Prof. Eduard Stakhovsky, MD

doctor of medical sciences (PhD in Medicine), professor, corresponding member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

urologist of the highest category, oncologist, pediatric urologist

Prof. Svintsitsky Valentin, MD

doctor of medical sciences (PhD in Medicine), professor,

oncogynecologist of the highest category, obstetrician-gynecologist

Voylenko Oleg, MD

doctor of medical sciences (PhD in Medicine),

urologist of the highest category, oncologist, ultrasound doctor, endoscopist, pediatric urologist

Stakhovsky Oleksandr, MD

PhD in Medicine,

urologist of the highest category, oncologist

Vitruk Yuriy, MD

doctor of medical sciences (PhD in Medicine),

urologist of the highest category, oncologist, ultrasound doctor, pediatric urologist

Kononenko Oleksiy, MD

candidate of medical sciences, urologist, oncologist

Garbar Ruslan

urologist, surgeon

Yatsenyuk Nazarij

urologist, surgeon

”In such a difficult time for our country, you are doing a great job saving people, and this is your best contribution to our Victory. Glory to Ukraine!”

- Chervonenko O. -

Odesa city

Consultation of a urologist in Kyiv at Vasylkivska 45

Consultations of urologists, oncologists, oncogynecologists, as well as outpatient manipulations are carried out at the address Kyiv, str. Vasylkivska 45 (1st floor, behind the turnstile on the left)

+38 (099) 412 55 95

+38 (073) 465 55 95

Ultrasound examination

  • Kidney Ultrasound

  • Bladder Ultrasound

  • Prostate gland Ultrasound

  • Testicular Ultrasound

  • Comprehensive Ultrasound for men: kidneys, bladder, prostate gland with determination of residual urine, portal organs

  • Comprehensive Ultrasound for women: kidneys, bladder with determination of residual urine

  • Transrectal Ultrasound of the prostate

  • Other

Endoscopic studies

  • Urethroscopy with a rigid / flexible cystoscope

  • Urethrocystoscopy with a rigid / flexible cystoscope

  • Cystoscopy with biopsy of a bladder tumor (cytological examination)

  • Ureteronephroscopy with biopsy of a tumor of the upper urinary tract (cytological examination)

  • Puncture cystostomy

  • Puncture nephrostomy

Biopsy and stenting

  • Kidney stenting

  • Removal of the stent

  • Removal of the stent and its replacement

  • Transrectal prostate biopsy

  • High-precision biopsy of the prostate

  • Prostate biopsy perineum "Fusion"

  • Biopsy of a kidney tumor or tumors of another location under ultrasound control

  • Drainage

  • Urethral swelling

  • Puncture of liquid formations

You gave me faith in the FUTURE!

To say thank you is to say nothing. Saying thank you very much is not enough.

- Pasichnyk Lyubov -

Today, diagnosis and treatment according to international standards are available in Ukraine

Modern diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant tumors, birth defects, developmental anomalies and traumatic injuries of the organs of the urinary tract and genitourinary system in men, women and children in Kyiv from leading specialists of Ukraine.

Surgical intervention remains the most effective method of treatment in urology for birth defects, developmental anomalies, organ injuries or oncourology.

Therefore, consultation and diagnosis by an experienced surgeon is one of the main conditions for successful treatment.

Prostate gland (prostate)

  • prostate adenoma (benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH)

  • prostate cancer (prostate cancer)

  • inoperability of prostate cancer treatment


  • bladder cancer

  • surgical treatment of urinary incontinence in women

  • elimination of urinary fistulas

  • creation of a "new" bladder

  • other diseases


  • kidney cancer (kidney carcinoma)

  • kidney cyst

  • nephroptosis

  • hydronephrosis

  • ureterohydronephrosis (megaureter)

  • other kidney diseases

Renal bowl and ureter

  • renal pelvis cancer

  • ureteral cancer

  • neuromuscular dysplasia of the ureters

  • ureterohydronephrosis (megaureter)

  • removal of a concretion (stone) from the ureter / renal pelvis

Penile (penis) diseases

  • penile cancer

  • Peyronie's disease

  • hypospadias, epispadias

  • deviation (curvature) of the penis

  • urethral stricture, etc

Testicles diseases

  • testicular cancer

  • actual testicles

  • varicocele

  • testicular cysts

  • epididymal cysts

  • hydrocele

  • other pathologies

Medical center in Kryukivschyna (Kyiv's supurb)

Inpatient care, operative treatment, comfortable wards and round-the-clock support are in the "Center of Modern Urology":

Kryukivshchyna (Kyiv region)

St. Yaroslav the Wise 51

(go to the 3rd floor)

See on Google Maps:

GPS 50.37884191716934,


I am very happy that there is such a center in Ukraine!

”State-of-the-art center! Everything here, down to the smallest detail, is customized for the patient! Both the operation and the rehabilitation pass imperceptibly for you. Surgeons, doctors, junior staff at a very high level. I am very happy that there is such a center in Ukraine!

Thanks to Yury Vasylyovych Vitruk and Eduard Oleksandrovych Stakhovsky for bringing me back to a full life!

You have golden hands!

To the nursing girls, thank you for your patience and professionalism. Good luck to you all!”

- Olha Skrobinska -

Diagnostic and treatment services of the Center of Modern Urology

Modern methods of diagnosing tumors

  • ultrasound, biopsy, cystoscopy, uterotroscopy

  • flexible video cystoscopy and ureteronephroscopy in NBI mode (in "blue light")

  • transrectal and perineal biopsy of the prostate under ultrasound control

  • etc

Plastic and reconstructive urology

  • plastic surgery of the penis

  • urethroplasty

  • Ileoneocystoplasty - a new method of forming a new bladder

  • intestinoplasty, etc.

Urological Oncology

  • prostate cancer

  • kidney cancer

  • renal pelvis

  • bladder cancer

  • ureter cancer

  • penile cancer

  • testicular cancer

Gynecological Oncology (Oncogynecology)

  • cervix cancer

  • uterine body cancer

  • ovarian cancer

Women's urology. Urogynecology

  • untrimmed cut

  • overactive bladder (OAB)

  • pelvic organ prolapse

  • recurrent urinary tract infection

Pediatric Urology (Children's urology)

  • kidney and bladder diseases

  • diseases of testicles and external reproductive organs

  • problems with urination

Reconstructive surgery

keel (hernia) plastic surgery of any complexity:

  • innate

  • acquired

  • post-operative

  • ventral

Oncological Coloproctology

  • colorectal cancer (CRC), also called as bowel cancer, colon cancer, or rectal cancer

  • small bowel cancer (small intestine cancer)

  • colorectal surgery

Endoscopic methods of diagnosis and treatment

  • transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)

  • transurethral resection of bladder tumour (TURBT)

Laparoscopic surgery

  • minimally invasive for patients

  • through small incisions of 1 cm

  • quick recovery

  • 1 day surgery

Modern equipment and comfortable rooms

in a modern medical center near Kyiv in the Kryukivschyna

Combined radical surgical interventions

in complex clinical cases


”A strange feeling from being in the clinic. It seems that you are not in a hospital, but in a resort. Well, the most important thing is the professionalism and moral qualities of doctors!”

- Rudan Y. -

Ternopil region

Open surgery in urology and oncourology. Oncosurgery

Modern surgery strives to minimize the trauma of the intervention.

With the development of minimally invasive methods in Ukraine, the use of open surgery is decreasing.

Surgeons use open surgery when it is considered necessary or more appropriate:

  • complex or advanced cases

  • large tumors or neoplasms

  • significant scars

  • previous operations in the region

  • anatomical limitations

  • when laparoscopic or robotic equipment is unavailable or unsuitable for a particular procedure

  • economically

The decision to perform open surgery is usually made on a case-by-case basis, taking into account factors such as the patient's condition, the surgeon's experience, and the potential benefits and risks of each approach.

Open nephrectomy

operation to remove a kidney in case of total tumor damage to one kidney or both kidneys

Open bladder resection

removal of the tumor-affected part of the organ in case of non-invasive bladder cancer

Open radical cystectomy